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All shipments realized by courier. Shipments are delivered to the customer on weekdays, from Monday to Friday till 4pm. The cost od delivery is calculated automatically and depends on the form of payment. All shipments are insured.

Current delivery promotions are available <here>

For purchases for an amount above 20,000 PLN transport in Poland at the cost of Melagu.pl*)

If you decided to pick up your shipment in our office in Bytom we don't charge any delivery costs, regardless of the amount of your purchase. There are no possibility to pick up FERRO products in our office.

*) These options don't relate to products in promotions. In other cases, cost of transport is determined individually, depending on the weight of products, the length of the elements and the distance.

Prices concern transportation to real estate, courier isn't obligated to bring the shipment weighing more than 20 kilo.


The online store www.melagu.pl have the possibility of secure payment for your order. We give you three methods of payment:

1. By bank transfer
2. By credit card
3. Payment on delivery


When making purchases in online store you can also pay by a traditional bank transfer.

The amount of the contract should be paid on the following data:

MELAGU.PL Tomasz Sierocki 
ul. Kędzierzyńska 17, 41-902 Bytom

ING BANK ŚLĄSKI 66 1050 1591 1000 0090 7835 8612

- Payments must be made within 3 days of its filing
- Order will be accepted for realization after receipt money on our account
- in the transfer title, please provide your name

Account number for international transfers:

INGBPLPW PL66 1050 1591 1000 0090 7835 8612


- By courier, the maximum amount of payment 5,000.00 PLN.
- Personally in our office in Bytom on Kędzierzyńska 17 street

When making a deposit, please contact us to confirm the availability of goods and the date of implementation (+48 32 763 24 22).

Shop www.melagu.pl reserves the right to require prepayment for selected products imported on request.


Melagu.pl website allows payment by credit cards issued in Poland and abroad. Additional safeguards ensure that the transactions are secure. We support the transactions by following payment cards:
- MasterCard
- Diners Club International

For more informations about the security of Dotpay system can be found at: Dotpay - safety.

Transfer payment:

If you have an electronic bank account you can use this form of payment. Advantages of available in the shop www.melagu.pl transfer payments:

- Quick - immediately the transfer is effectedin hours of bank accounting
- No bank fees - transfers are free channel for customer payments
- All transfers data are completed automatically: the name and account number of the store, order number and the amount
- The highest security - transactions are fully secured.

For orders placed in our store, you can make payments via the following transfers:

- MTransfer (mBank)
- Pay with Inteligo (Inteligo)
- Transfer of BPH (BPH SA)
- Przelew24 (BZ WBK SA)
- MultiTransfer (BRE Bank SA)
- Pay with Nordea (Nordea Bank Polska SA)

Account holders of other banks can use e-transfers. They give you the ability to quickly and safely realize a bank transfer for online shopping in our store. We provide e-transfers in following banks:

- BOŚBank24 (Bank Ochrony Środowiska)
- CitiBank (Citi Bank Handlowy S.A.)
- Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank S.A.)
- EBGŻ (Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej)
- Fortis Bank (Planet Fortis Bank)
- Online ING (ING Bank Śląski S.A.)
- InvestBank (InvestBank)
- KB24 (Kredyt Bank S.A.)
- Lukas Bank (Lukas Bank S.A.)
- Millenet (Millennium Bank S.A.)
- Pekao24 (Pekao S.A.)
- Sez@m (Bank BPH S.A.)
- VW Bank Direct (Volkswagen Bank)
- Paying transfer / bank transfer from any bank

These banks are charging a standard fee (determined individually by each of the banks) from each electronic transfer. This amount you can check in the agreement signed with the bank (the table of fees and charges).

For more informations about the security of Dotpay system can be found at: Dotpay - safety.

Guarantee of the safety and confidentiality of transactions in Dotpay.

Safety is guaranteed by several factors.
Dotpay is the only mass payments aggregator in Poland, which is certified PCI. PCI Certificate confirms that fulfills all the requirements Dotpay of programs VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. It is a global standard established by the financial organizations for protection of cardholders data and informations relating to the protection of personal data.

Dotpay servers and software is testing to everyday safety. RE SECU study of McAfee company confirms and certified tested device according to the security policy and requirements of the Department of Homeland Security's National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC).

Released on for Dotpay S.A. McAfee certificate attests that Dotpay complies with security procedures providing the highest level of resistance to hackers. That document can boast such services as Yahoo!, Lycos, PriceGrabber.com, and Amazon. All transactions are secured by SSL, which is a network protocol used to secure Internet connections.

SSL realizing encryption, server authentication and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of transmitted informations. Decryption of the key, which is used in Dotpay would take several billion years.

Dotpay system complies with the strictest safety requirements of the banks. Novelty that Dotpay introduced into the Polish market: it is the first aggregator in Poland that offered to all parties in the transaction so-called green certification or Extended Validation SSL certificate.

Transaction security ensures status of the Settlement Agent.

The entity that provides onIine payments services, in accordance with applicable regulations, must be Agent Settlement. Agent Settlements activity is supervised by the Polish National Bank, and involves the responsibility of performing a number of statutory obligations. PNB also assesses progress and technical security offered services, the legality of the proposed solutions, as well as condition and financial security, online payment operator.

Another very important point is the liability for fraudulent extort transactions if necessary. Let's note that the system offered by Dotpay is so safe that we decided to take full responsibility for extort transactions . We offer our clients 100 percent security.

That possibility gave us created our own security department. Each credit card transaction is judged individually. We pay attention not only to the fact that the card was stolen Iub Iub restricted to the same credit card data or information from the bank. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we analyze each transaction. Dotpay has also insurance for the activities performed as Settlement Agent at 10 million PLN.

If you need informations which you didn't found here, go to the FAQ. If you want to go back shopping, go to the main store. If you have any questions, call us at +48 32 763 24 22 (Mon-Fri: 9am - 17pm) or send an e-mail.