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CB500 cornice strip 2,5 x 2 x 200 cm ORAC BASIXX

1,55 PLN (0.37) /mb.
CB500 Orac Basixx
Product available:


Stucco from ORAC BASIXX collection is made of materials that are characterized by durability, lightness, aesthetics and perfection mapped forms. Cornice strip CB500 is pre-coated with a primer paint, but after the installation, we recommend painting stucco with acrylic or dispersion paints to an exclusive finish of the product. Ceiling strip is resistant to moisture and wash.

The warranty on defects in material and technology for a period of one year provided follow installation instructions and use of adhesives manufactured by ORAC DECOR.

Material: DUROFOAM (light, extruded polystyrene-based polymer)

Recommended adhesives:

DecoFix Pro, adhesive to stick strips indoor
Hydro DecoFix, the adhesive strips to stick under humid condition or outside
DecoFix Extra, glue to connect the strips

Cornice molding

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