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Z6 cornice strip with an ornament 12 x 12,5 x 200 cm Arstyl NMC

93,60 PLN /mb.
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Minimum quantity for "Z6 cornice strip with an ornament 12 x 12,5 x 200 cm Arstyl NMC" is 2.

Cornice strip Z6 has a very smooth surface with synthetic foil with a layer of white primer paint, it protects ceiling strip against yellowing. After installation, we recommend to paint  cornice strips with paints which do not contain solvents, eg with acrylic or dispersion paints. Collection NMC ARSTYL allows for unlimited creativity in decorating the walls, ceilings, doors and furniture.

Material: Polyurethane (high density polyurethane hard foam)

Recommended adhesives and accessories:
Adefix New, adhesive for bonding and filling stucco.
Adefix plus, glue to connect the stucco from the collection Arstyl and WALLSTYL with height equal or greater than 10 cm
Z99 dowels to connect the strips

Cornice molding

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