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C901/C901F lighting strip 15 x 12,5 x 200 cm ORAC LUXXUS

110,42 PLN /mb.
C901 Orac Luxxus
Product available:


Lighting strip ORAC LUXXUS C901 for indirect lighting. Stucco is pre-coated with a primer paint, but after the installation, we recommend painting stucco with acrylic or dispersion paints to an exclusive finish of the product. Strip lighting is resistant to moisture, washing or shock.

Lighting accessories (LED, light bulbs, etc.) can be purchased separately.

Material: POROTOUCH (high quality and a density polyurethane).

Cornice strip C901 also available in bent version C901F (flex) especially recommended for rooms with arches.

The warranty on defects in material and technology for a period of one year provided the following installation instructions and use of adhesives manufactured by ORAC DECOR.

Recommended adhesive:

DecoFix Pro, adhesive for bonding strips indoor
Hydro DecoFix, the adhesive for bonding strips under humid condition or outside
DecoFix Extra, glue to connect the strips

ORAC Luxxus
Szerokość (zakres):
10 - 14 cm
Lighting molding
Type of molding:
Wysokość (zakres):
15 - 19 cm
Type of finish:
Farba podkładowa

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