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SX118/SX118F baseboard 1,8 x 14 x 200 cm ORAC LUXXUS AXXENT [CLONE]

139,57 PLN /mb.
SX118F Orac Axxent
Product available: 7-14 dni


Minimum quantity for "SX118/SX118F baseboard 1,8 x 14 x 200 cm ORAC LUXXUS AXXENT [CLONE]" is 2.

Baseboards are the perfect addition for finishing floors. That protect walls from damage and dirt, and the cover for the electrical system. Stucco is pre-coated with a primer paint, after installation, we recommend painting baseboards with acrylic or dispersion paints to an exclusive finish of the product. Baseboards are resistant to moisture, washing or shock.

Material: DUROPOLIMER (extruded and impact-resistant)

Baseboard also available in bent version, recommended for rooms with arches.

The warranty on defects in material and technology for a period of one year provided that you follow installation instructions and use of adhesives manufactured by ORAC DECOR.

Recommended adhesive:

DecoFix Pro adhesive for bonding strips indoor
Hydro DecoFix, the adhesive for bonding strips in wet or outside
DecoFix Extra glue to connect the strips

ORAC Luxxus
Szerokość (zakres):
0 - 4 cm
Type of molding:
Wysokość (zakres):
10 - 14 cm
Type of finish:
Farba podkładowa

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