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18,95 PLN (119 CZK) /szt.
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96,38 PLN (606 CZK) 89,63 PLN (564 CZK) /szt.

MA20 light elevation profile for doors and windows 18 x 3,5 x 200 cm Domostyl NMC

115,05 PLN (724 CZK) /mb.
Product available:

Minimum quantity for "MA20 light elevation profile for doors and windows 18 x 3,5 x 200 cm Domostyl NMC" is 2.

Elevation stucco DOMOSTYL Light has a smaller amount of material used and thus more attractive price in relation to the collection DOMOSTYL. The material is resistant to weathering, moisture resistant and provides long-term fixed look. Installation of cladding profiles is easy and fast and the crop does not make much of a problem.

The polyurethane foam of high density 200kg/m3. Surface elements of primer gray, the synthetic coating. Adhesive surfaces were covered with grooves which increase adhesion. The product has all the certifications and classifications of fire.

Recommended adhesive:
Mounting adhesive 310ml
Hybrid Adhesive 290ml

Tempetratura installation:
Installation temperature: +5 ° C / +25 ° C
operating temperature: -20 ° C / +70 ° C

Fire classification:
B2 according to DIN 4102
Euroclass E according to EN ISO 13501-1


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