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CA10 light bracket 22 x 18 cm Domostyl NMC

120,44 PLN /szt.
Product available:


Minimum quantity for "CA10 light bracket 22 x 18 cm Domostyl NMC" is 1.

Stucco facade DOMOSTYL Light has a smaller amount of material used and thus more attractive price in relation to the from collections DOMOSTYL. The material is resistant to weather conditions, moisture resistant and provides long-term fixed look. Mounting bracket easy and fast.

The polyurethane foam of high density 200kg/m3. Surface elements of primer gray paint, on the synthetic coating. Adhesive surfaces were covered with grooves which increase adhesion. The product has all the certifications and classifications of fire.

Recommended adhesive:
Mounting adhesive 310ml
Hybrid Adhesive 290ml

Tempetratura installation:
Installation temperature: +5 ° C / +25 ° C
operating temperature: -20 ° C / +70 ° C

Fire classification:
B2 according to DIN 4102
Euroclass e according to EN ISO 13501-1


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